Today, we bring you your peers! Members of our community at the 2018 NexGen Gathering were kind enough to share their biggest career struggles, what they have done to overcome them, and why they are passionate about financial planning. Each has their own story and perspective that gives us a better idea of the profession as a whole.

Ian Harvey, the FPA NexGen President also joins us to share about the theme of NexGen Gathering and how we can together, as a larger financial planning movement, grow together. He challenges new planners that this is our profession and the future of the profession is in our hands. New planners, like you, are being challenged to take your seat at the table and help move our profession forward.

NexGen Gathering is one of the biggest events for new financial planners in the country and we took the opportunity to interview many voices at Gathering to give you a taste of the energy and passion new planners have around the profession.

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[tweet_box design=”box_10″ url=”” float=”none” excerpt=”What I love most about financial planning is helping people. -Bryce Snell on #YAFPNW”]What I love most about financial planning is helping people. -Bryce Snell on #YAFPNW[/tweet_box]


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why NexGeners are passionate about financial planning
  • What the biggest challenges NexGeners have faced in their careers
  • What NexGeners have done to overcome those challenges
  • Why finding your community as a new planner is so important
  • How new planners are changing the landscape of our profession
  • How to find your community and other passionate financial planners like you
  • The important role that we, as new planners, have in moving our profession forward and taking a seat at the table