Today’s episode is one of the most important topics we’ve had on the podcast. I hear stories all the time from planners about mistakes they’ve made when they’ve left their firm that have huge negative impacts on their career. After hearing  “if only I would have known!” far too many times, we put this episode together. It’s a topic that affects just about everyone who is listening to this podcast but is rarely, if ever, talked about in a public way.

We are excited to have Bill Simonet, CFP®, Katie Brewer, CFP®, and Dave Grant, CFP® return for a curated discussion with me, Hannah Moore, CFP®,  where everyone shares what they wish they knew before leaving a firm. Our stories are all different and hopefully you have already had a chance to listen to them on #YAFPNW. (If you haven’t you can find their episodes below).

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“Start dreaming. Start designing what you want it to look like. The more of that you can get out of the way the easier it is to pull the trigger because you know what you’re leaving for.”


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