For this week’s episode I sat down with Richard B. Wagner, JD, CFP® to discuss financial planning as a noble profession.  I should note: Dick has been a thought leader since the 1980s – when financial planning looked quite differently than it does today. He has served in leadership roles in the IAFP and the Institute of Certified Financial Planners and he has also served on countless committees and task forces including the CFP Board of Standards.

Dick has been one of the most influential voices throughout the decades and in 2003 he received the P. Kemp Fain Award. He has written several books on our profession (most recently Financial Planning 3.0) and one of his most influential pieces has challenged and inspired us for almost three decades.

Dick wrote “To Think Like a CFP” for the Journal of Financial Planning back in 1989 and today I’m excited to share my conversation with him about that pivotal moment with you.

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“I think it’s a shame that financial services companies believe [financial planning] is a great sales tool… rather than seeing it for all the spectacular abilities that it has and the spectacular needs that it must fill.”

Financial Planning 3.0: Evolving Our Relationships with Money

George Kinder of The Kinder Institute of Life Planning

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