Welcome back for our Post-Thanksgiving episode! This week we’re re-airing our interview with Caleb Brown on finding jobs and launching a career as a new planner.

Caleb Brown, MBA, CFP®, started his career working for a small RIA and volunteering for local financial planning groups. Through that experience, he started New Planner Recruiting, which pairs financial planners with RIA firms who are hiring right now! This service is invaluable for new planners who are looking to jump right into the planning world – and Caleb’s goal is to help new planners achieve their career goals.

Because he has experience in the financial planning world, he understands what the new planners are going through when job hunting. New Planner Recruiting is intended to help bridge the gap. He has great insights into what you can do to set yourself apart from other applicants or excel at your job.  If you want to get to the elite status, this is definitely a must-listen episode!

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“You’ve always got to find that balance of efficiency and customization… Loosen up. And don’t wait around for someone to train you!”

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • How new planners can delve into their career.
  • What jobs are available in the financial planning world.
  • How to get involved with internships to jump start your planning career.
  • What challenges new planners face.


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