Some of my most valuable learning opportunities have come from people outside the financial planning profession and Laura Youngkin is no exception.

Laura is the founder of The Brave Millennial, which is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting Millennial women in the American workforce. In 2016, Laura hosted 11 forums for Millennial women in 9 cities across the US. She has surveyed and interviewed hundreds of women in an effort to learn more about this generation and will be telling this story at the upcoming South by Southwest Conference in Austin. In addition to this work, Laura is a theatrical producer and creative consultant. Laura spent five years at Walt Disney Imagineering and has done numerous projects in the entertainment industry.

Laura shares what she’s learned about Millennials as well as how to approach negotiations well as young professionals.

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“It’s great that many Millennials have a healthy disrespect for the way things have always been done because the world is relying on us for progress.”